It’s all about smarter information and better sales

Registration pages made easy

We’ve taken the pain out of managing registration pages. There is no need to contact your designer or developer when you need to quickly update or add a question. Just update in Spark and it will automatically reflect on your live registration page*.

*If you are using the internal pages. Otherwise you will have to update the external code we provide you.

Contracts & Conveyancing

Entering contract information shouldn't feel like a chore. Adding upgrades, options, discounts, deposits, and commissions on Spark is quick and easy to edit.

Activity Reporting

Track the metrics that are most important to your sales process. Spark allows you to select and compare statistics for contacts, inventory, emails and finance.

Capture & manage leads from multiple sources easily

Spark plugs into the networks you already use. Whether it’s your own website, a marketing channel or another system; Spark works to gather the leads you want, and keep them organized.

Connect Better

Forget boring emails. People want to be engaged and excited. Create stunning email templates that will get your clients emailing you. Not only is Spark good-looking, but it also monitors your campaigns, allowing you to accurately track what’s working — and what isn’t.

Unified Team & Private Calendars

Spark provides a centralized calendar for you and your team to schedule events, track action items, and keep you reminded of your to-dos. It also acts as a reminder system so you never miss a call, email, or meeting.

Manage team roles

Creating and assigning roles has never been easier. Assign and manage what your team members have access to, allowing your entire sales and marketing team to be involved in your centralized CRM process at the appropriate level.

Spark helps you sell new real estate

By presenting your information in a smarter way, Spark will allow you to spend more time connecting with your clients and new buyers.

Track what works and what doesn’t

Be in the know of when and what the last point of contact was with your registrants. Spark has simplified the way you log what you’ve done and how you record notes.

Stop asking for assets

Spark’s Media Manager lets you store all of your most up-to-date marketing and sales material in your projects’ databases. You’ll never have to deal with outdated marketing and sales collateral again.

Importing Contacts & Inventory

Get your data into Spark quickly and accurately. Spark’s importer was built specifically to ease the pains and difficulties of transferring data from one system to another.

Support Should be the Focus

Quick response times and fast turnarounds are what Spark is all about. If something with the software breaks or leaves you confused, we believe you deserve our utmost attention and receive timely help.

Notifications for what matters

Keeping up with your team’s activity is super easy with Spark’s Notifications system. What’s even better is that you can fully customize and select what actions you want to be notified about.

Hello Devices!

The market moves too fast to miss anything that happens while you‘re at lunch. So we’ve built Spark to be everywhere you are. Send sales messages, approve offers and keep on top of your team’s progress from your phone or tablet.

The novelty is — it just works.